If you are coming for a tour: 
Hours:  we are by appointment ONLY... we are a private residence when WEDDING season is over!  

Tours/Visits are by appointment only
{go to the: "CONTACT US" tab to get ahold of us}  

Tour Directions straight to the Ranch:  the ranch can be reached only from Highway 76.  You can take the 5 frwy or 15 frwy to the 76 EAST.  From there you will go 1 1/2 miles past the Pala Casino and make a left on Magee Road.  (Magee road is a little road that is poorly marked)  You head north on Magee road, climbing up 3 1/2 miles ... (It feels like a very long time)   Once you see a little yellow house on the left we are directly across on the right behind the gates down a long driveway!  *Please note:  Any other direction other than Highway 76 will probably lead you to a locked gate on the other side of Magee road. Including Mapquest!

If you are coming for a Wedding:  

For best results:  Please Leave Early! .... from home to come to the Ranch for the Wedding!  
There is always extra traffic on the weekends, particularly around the time the Weddings start! ...and we want to make sure you catch the Shuttle to the Ranch!  

Wedding Guests:   
Recommended!  ---To get to the Ranch you will go to the Pala Casino, and park!  (it's free parking)...and then you will catch the Free Shuttle (courtesy of The Condor's Nest Ranch) TO The Condor's Nest Ranch!  (please note: it is NOT the Casino's shuttle, we hire it ourselves privately, on behalf of the Bride and Groom who want you to relax, not to worry about actually finding the ranch, have a cocktail without worrying about driving down the dark curvy steep hill, and to help not get your nice car dirty so you can enjoy yourselves!) We include the shuttle so you don't need to get lost (85% do) -as well as it is a very dark, curvy road, and we feel this is the safest way!!!  Trust us, the shuttle is a lot more fun and you can then not worry about drinking and driving!  Especially down a dark, narrow, curvy road late at night when it's pitch dark!  You just need to find the front entrance to the hotel lobby (not the casino lobby -which is next to it) and you will see the shuttle bus with the bride and grooms name as well as the Ranch name --it will be there waiting starting at an hour and a half BEFORE the Ceremony is set to begin and go back and forth until the ceremony is set to begin!!  

To go to the Ranch Directly:   If you are late - and miss all shuttles, then you will still need to head to the Pala Casino first- Then please continue on 1.5 miles further East on Highway 76. You will see a small road curving off to the left (hard to see, no stop sign or signal) you will veer off to the left onto Magee Road (again,the only Magee road that gets to the Ranch is off of Highway 76).  You will then continue driving 3.5 miles - {which feels more like 10 miles, no joke}  Keep going until you see a little yellow house on the left, and we are directly across on the right - you will see a "The Condor's Nest Ranch" sign. {If the Gate is closed, please call us at 949-290-6088 and we'll open it for you, if you have an appointment}.  You will go down the long driveway and will park after making a sharp right down a dirt steep road (again, we can't recommend the shuttle enough!) -- park as the other cars are, and walk up and head over to the house/pool area.  :O)  

*** Do Not take a Road Called "Rancho Heights"!!!  --this will get you no where and you will need to go back to the Casino to start over - and use the correct directions!  Nav Systems, may want to take you there, do not do it -- it leads to the other side of Magee Road off of Rancho Heights and a locked gate, dirt road, and does not actually go through.  If you do this, you will need to turn around and head back to the Pala Casino, and find Magee road going East on the 76 1.5 miles past the Casino. --from there follow the directions above!   

From the North to the Pala Casino - take the 5 South, get off shortly after Camp Pendleton, on Highway 76 going East.  Continue past the 15 Freeway, another 6 miles or so you will see the Pala Casino!  Park there anywhere, it's free, --go to the Pala Casino Casino entrance, and take the shuttle!  It will be marked with the couples names and "The Condor's Nest Ranch"  :O)  
We usually have one last late shuttle - it's a secret - but don't be too late!

From the South to the Pala Casino --you can head North via the 5 Freeway or the 15 Freeway.  Get off on Highway 76 for either Freeway and head EAST.  You will see the Pala Casino after approx. 6-7 miles. (park at casino, or to get to the ranch itself, follow the bold directions above) 
Mon - Fri: Tours by scheduled appointment times only!  
Sat: Tours by appointment/invitation only! 
Sun: Tours by appointment/invitation only! 

PLEASE go to the:

Thank you!!! 

The Ranch must be reached from Highway 76!  {No "if" "and"s or "but"s!}

You can get to Highway 76 from either the 5 Freeway or the 15 freeway.

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