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Bob & Lisa, How can we Thank You for giving us the best day of our lives?  I was looking for a retro style Wedding to include our vintage style!  It was the Wedding of our dreams.  You two were so kind starting from the tour, to the tasting, to the day-of coordinator giving us her full attention and making sure all of our needs were met.  Your staff is unbelievable.  When we first started looking at venues, we thought you were actually above our budget, however I didn't realize how much was included.  In the end, it was actually less than it would have been had we gone the budget route!  We were almost going to book with a newer venue, and thank god we didn't!  My friend got married there and it was "so-so"! Nothing like the Ranch!!! My Dad did a spreadsheet!!! Every little extra thing at other spots are extra or you have to do all the work yourselves - which my parents did with my sisters Wedding and vowed never to do again. You include the lighting, the day of coordinator - so I didn't need to hire anyone to do anything!, the adorable charming beverage station on vintage carts, you gave our guests popcorn when they were arriving, you provided the coffee bar, you served all of our desserts that we purchased and made it look like a million dollar display!  Not to mention the full open bar for 5 hours, the unbelievable wedding dinner that was just good food, nothing like a regular wedding plate!  You gave us the Wedding insurance, the private shuttle, everything is so thought out ahead and it went flawless!  Everyone in the wedding party was happy - Michael was super attentive and remembered everyone's names. Trish and Laura were so sweet and proved to us that you were right - the staff is one of a kind - they made us feel like we were the only wedding that ever took place!  I could go on and on but the bottom line is this - we can't thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts!  You two will always have a place in our hearts!  We will see you in December at your Bride and Grooms party!  We can't wait!  Much Love,  Ashley & Matt  
Bob & Lisa!
I know we've said it before, but we'll say it again!  THANK YOU!  We had a wonderful stay -- our guests were so impressed (as we knew they would be!)!!  Thank You for opening up your home & allowing us to delight our family and friends with a nice, relaxing stay at the Ranch!  We are so happy we chose the Ranch and feel blessed to have stayed and gotten to know you personally.  You're fabulous people!  Cheers! 
Love Michelle & Eric T.
Bob & Lisa,
We had the most magical wedding!  Thank You both for welcoming us into your home.  Everyone was amazed at it's stunning beauty!  We had such a wonderful time and we will always have this home in a special place in our hearts - Thank You for Everything!!!
Joanna H.
Bob and Lisa,
Thank You again for letting us share your beautiful home and for everything you did to make our wedding amazing.  You are a unique and incredibly generous couple and we're very grateful that we met you. 
We had an incredible time, it was everything we had hoped for and more.
Ian H.
Bob and Lisa,
We can't thank you enough for welcoming us into your beautiful home.  You two have done so much over this last year to help us plan our wedding.  It was everything we hoped it would be, and so much more.  We love you both, looking forward to seeing you at a CNR reunion soon!
Love Cait & Chris
Bob & Lisa -- I can't begin to tell you what a peaceful serene bride my daughter was - I attribute this to the magical environment you have created --
when things began to get a bit crazy, Nicole would simply step outside and immediately found peace -
It was a surreal experience - with every turn of a corner a more breathtaking view than the last. 
Thank You for allowing us to share this lovely slice of your life
xoxo  Laura C.
Bob and Lisa,
We had an amazing time.  Our wedding went better than we could ever hope. Yay!
J & V
Bob & Lisa
We had a wonderful time, just as you had said!
Thanks for Everything
Lucy & Joe R.
Bob and Lisa,
We are so fortunate to be able to have our wedding at such an amazing place!  Our families were able to spend time together and get to know one anohter in the most beautiful and peaceful setting.  Everyone, including our guests were blown away by this place! Thank You for making our vision of the perfect wedding come to life! Mille Grazie!!
Love Joey & Kelley
Bob and Lisa,
We want to thank you for making your home available to us for Kelley 
and Joey's wedding. The setting was perfect. Joey's family from 
Italy felt like they were back in Tuscany and with a kitchen full of 
Italian women cooking their hearts out, we felt like we were in 
Tuscany also. All of our guests were blown away by the ranch, its 
uniqueness and its magic. We have one friend who is an avid bird 
watcher who identified 43 species in one afternoon! By being able to 
stay at the ranch for five days, we had an opportunity to bond our 
families together in a way that could never happen at a one day 
event. Thanks again. We will send you some pictures when they are 
- Joe and Kim Saunders
Bob + Lisa,
We can't thank you enough for opening up your beautiful home to us, and to our family.  We all had a wonderful time at the ranch.  Our wedding was a dream come true and a memory that will never be forgotten.  Thanks a million!
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dallaire
"When I received the invitation to our dear friend's daughter's wedding I was a bit skeptical.   It was to be a destination wedding ...this being the Condor’s Nest Ranch in Pala, Ca.  Well, what a destination wedding it was!  Lisa and Bob, the Condor's Nest Ranch is so incredible and  we had such a good time.  From the moment we drove up the driveway and saw the barn with all the farm animals watching us to the gorgeous sunset after the wedding, everything was so very, very special. Your virtual tour is incredible on your web site but really seeing it in person was terrific. A truly memorable experience and we thank you so much."      Sincerely,  Alice Harris 
"Everything was fantastic!!! Many people said it was the best wedding
they had ever been to. Smoking Mo's was excellent, and everyone was
raving about the food. Very, very good! I hadn't eaten all day and I
really chowed down on some ribs!! Fran from One Perfect Pair's taco
bar on Friday was excellent as well and we had the most amazing sunset
that night!
We should have pictures coming later this week/early next week. I will
forward you the links. We took several pictures with the animals too,
the little donkey(?) kept following me around it was so cute!
Christine M. Brandt
Flora and Fauna Press
"The wedding was beautiful and everyone said they had a great time. They told us the ceremony and reception had a relaxed feel and that they all felt very comfortable. One of the guests said it didn't have the "stiffness" of a traditional wedding location! All of guests also liked looking at all of the scenery!
The tables with the mismatched china were lovely...  The wedding was better than I could have imagined. The location was wonderful and everyone truly enjoyed themselves. I'm very happy I found your ranch and the location put me more at ease when I was very nervous!
Thank you,
Jeannette and Erik"
Lisa and Bob--  The ranch is AMAZING! I can't believe that such a magical place exists. YOU have done an incredible job making it rustically beautiful with all the comforts and essence of elegance.  I can't thank you enough for letting us go. It was the most amazing day i've ever had with Nicole-
I'm so proud of her. I look forward to meeting you. Once again thank you for allowing us to visit, and for all of your kindness to Nicole.
Laura (mother of the bride)
PS- the dogs are wonderful !
Lisa, it was amazing!!!!  Absolutely perfect- everyone had an amazing time and was in awe of the ranch.  Ellerbe- rocked!   My aunt and uncle said they ran into you guys- she was saying how sweet you guys are!  There are some beautiful shots of the ranch-  gorgeous!!   I wanted to say that you guys, Ellerbe, Jake, Caterers, Bartender were AWESOME!!!!!!!  Our wedding will hold such great memories for the rest of our lives!   The ranch is soooooooooooooooo super beautiful- we feel so lucky that you shared it with us!!!  Thanks Lisa and Bob!
Rich and Maggie DeAnda
Hey Lisa!
Everything was beautiful! I had a ton of people say it was the best wedding they had ever been to!  It could not have been any better! We had such a memorable experience and it really was the happiest day of my life so far! Such a whirl wind though, its funny seeing everyone's photos and hearing all the different stories.  We had such a magical time, thanks again for letting us have our wedding at the ranch.
Kristen Ketola
Hello, Lisa and Bob 
The ranch looked like a magic jewel all weekend.  The sunset outdid it self both nights and the lights continued the glow into the night.   We are still flying, and have not come back to earth yet.  The ranch was an amazing place to have a wedding.
Thank you Chris Parker
Hi Bob and Lisa!
Well we just got home from our honeymoon and I just wanted to send you a quick note about our AMAZING day that we had at your ranch!
Everything went well and all of our guests were BLOWN AWAY with the ranch! It was such a great time and our photographer was so excited that he didn't have to take pictures in another stuffy ballroom :)
Thanks again for EVERYTHING you guys and I can't wait for all of the pictures!!
                           Nishi & Dustin (Bride and Groom at The Condor's Nest Ranch!)
                           Palos Verdes, CA
Lisa, Your place is truly amazing and inspiring. I got so many more images that illustrate that. I will send you a link after I'm done sorting through the images. And of course, you can use the images for your website. I'd love to shoot more weddings there too! I also linked your website from my blog.
Sometimes, I'm looking for a location such as yours to shoot non-wedding projects like a fashion shoot or engagement session. Is it OK to approach you with these types of request when the place is not booked? Please say yes. :-)
Have a great day and talk to you soon!
Warmest regards,
                               Ray Soemarsono | 626.252.6665
           2009 Top Ten Wedding Photographers - American Photo Magazine
"I am SOOO glad that you and Bob were able to attend the wedding. It made me so happy to see you enjoying the meal with my mom.  I can't tell you how many people came up to me and complimented not only your ranch, but you two as people.  The fire truck. . . the tractor!?  Those were the little things that made my wedding a fairy tale wedding.  You two could truly build a huge wedding business out of your property.  I'd say triple of what you're charging now, and most importantly make a love of bride's dreams come true, like me."
                                                           Kelly Wensman
                                                           Beverly Hills, California
"As the grandmother of a bride having her reception at the beautiful Condor Nest Ranch, it only complimented an already spectacular wedding day.  The feeling of intimacy and relaxation were overwhelming.  I felt as though I was actually entertaining the new bride at my own home!  The grounds were manicured and the view was awesome.  The owners of the Ranch were very accommodating and couldn't have been more gracious.  I have actually heard talk of possibly a family weekend there!"
                                  Lois Dickson
                                  Fallbrook, CA  
"We really enjoyed your lovely ranch.  My wife and I have to say that this is one of the best vacations we've ever taken.  Living in suburbia, it's fun to experience something so totally different, like country living.  Thank you for your hospitality and kindness.  My wife got the biggest kick out of cooking those fresh eggs up!"
                                     John and Pam Douglas, Smithtown, New York
 “Dear Bob, "Thank You" doesn't even begin to encompass the gratitude in our hearts for the use of your beautiful ranch home.  I personally feel rested, restarted and considerably younger!  (Tom looks the same : )) 
  Many blessings to you for continued success & happiness.  There will be something coming to you special delivery by me...."
Love Brenda & Tom  
       (Brenda Strong and Tom Henri) Brenda Strong is "Mary Alice"
       on Desperate Housewives, and Tom Henri is her Husband,
        a Yogi, and Producer.
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a vacation we haven't gone on.  The Condor's Nest Ranch was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the beauty of the land and the view and the feeling of the property was almost dream like.  Each morning when the clouds came in because we were up so high and you could only see peaks of the neighboring mountains -we felt like we were on top of the world.  Heavenly!  Then later in the day it was so clear you could make out the ocean in the distance!  Unbelievable!!!!  We are coming back!!!   Keep up the good work Bob and Lisa!  ...and thanks for sharing your piece of heaven on earth”
                                                                Ann White, Miami, Florida
"Bob and Lisa, we had a great time with our family reunion at the farm/ranch.  We all had a blast!  Thank You so much!!!"
                                                                    The Johnsons
                                                                     Spring, Texas  
Thank You for the most wonderful wedding in a truly fantastic spot!
Best Love, Viviene & Nick White (mother and father of the bride)
Lisa & Bob, You have the most beautiful place. Our day was absolutely magical. Thank You for letting us share your special place and thank you so much for all of your help. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Thank you so much,
Lots of Love Lucy & Say-Ho
THANK YOU SO MUCH -- I hope if there is such a thing as reincarnation I come back as this Ranch! Love Johnny Mayer (groom)
Thank You for the best wedding ever at the most beautiful place, we will never forget it. We'll be back
Love Lena & Michael
Lisa & Bob ~ May you both be blessed with Peace, Love & Happiness forever -- My Lena's Wedding was "Magical" & the tranquility of the Spirits dwells here at "The Condor's Nest" This Memory will be deep in my Heart & on my mind forever. Special Blessings and be as Beautiful as you are!
Hugs xx Diana (mother of the bride)
Great Venue! Wonderful View! Comfortable Beds! Delightful Company! Beautiful Wedding! What more could one ask?
Judy H., (Aunt of Bride)
Absolutely Perfect! Thank You for Everything!
Love, Jessica & Monir

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