....and to help you picture it all... here are some WEDDING VIDEO links ...taken by various Videographers -- all found on Vimeo!  

Here are just some of our Favorites!  (you may need to copy and paste to your browser if clicking doesn't work -- you can also find BRAND NEW VIDEOS regularly, 

or go to "vimeo.com" and type in: "Condor's Nest Ranch Wedding"  ...you may even find some new ones we haven't seen!  

http://vimeo.com/67317581   Christine & Daniel

http://vimeo.com/68970257    Megan & Mike

http://vimeo.com/23624540    Ian & Corbett

http://vimeo.com/66507617    Kelly & Rich

http://vimeo.com/15633222    Emma & Mark 

--there are so many more - many on our Ranch Facebook page, and possibly our Pinterest Page! --all under "The Condor's Nest Ranch" 

*for the Virtual Tour of the Ranch please click on this link in white (or copy and paste it to your browser)


Now for the photos....

....and here are some Trailer and Greenhouse shots -- both a must!  

We love our Kencraft trailer!!!  and ever since Nishi and Dustin made it famous with Apertura Photo shooting them (top left corner on all the pages on this website)... we've got a lot more couples looking FAB with it too!!!! ...and now the greenhouse is a must as well! 

Photo of Aimee & Colin by: C Sherman Photography 
photo above courtesy of:  JustinLeePhotograph
photo left:  by Alice Hu
(model and Otto)

photo above by: Underwood Pix   {Christine & Jason!}

photo above by: Garrett Davis Photography
photo ABOVE --- the FIRST of the trailer pics! ... by Ray from Apertura Photo!
...and now for the glass house/greenhouse! 
photo above of Jon and Virginia by: Amy Kaplan
photo above by: leigh miller photography